Bitvier as Asset Customer

ICO-way has problems. Big problems and difficulties. Try avoiding ICO. If you still want to do ICO, be prepared for: comply numerous changing regulatory demands, track all people who send you money, refund them on ever first ask, verify their identity for AML, report on progress of your Roadmap. If you not supply what you promised in time, donors have right to ask and receive back their money. The biggest problem with ICO is people expect to get what you promise, and great roadmaps and whitepapers are not just papers. If someone gives you their money because they saw your roadmap – you are entitled to give explanations if you have delay. Otherwise, investors will complain to authorities and you will end bad. Or, forget about investors from countries with state of law, limit your ICO to list of countries with no record chasing ICO’s – and loose most of potential investors. We know where the wealth and money reside.

At Bitvier we invented CCE – Coin Creation Event. This is backed by contracts and lawyers, and this is fully legal. We can connect you with our partners operating as official lawyers and they will prepare CCE contract and legal opinion for you. You will shortly understand why you need those. Act wisely and you are not breaking any law, you are not limited to specific jurisdictions. Bitvier has CCE contract and legal opinion, you need those, continue reading.

CCE – Coin Creation Event is like TGE (Token generation Event) in world of ICO’s. But it’s different. You create your own crypto-asset which represents your business. Your asset (aka-coin) is then traded on crypto-exchanges. You are not promising anything to anyone, you can even give your coins for free to attract investors and advertise your product. The product gets into the center. Your business is what you are doing, your coin only represents it in crypto-world. You focus on business development, make sure this can be seen by community. You implement payments with your own coin on your website. You develop mobile applications with your coin integration. You add services with value to customers. This will be realized, analyzed and ranked by investors and public. Bitvier is Software company. As such, we develop tools to help you with technical side of this scenario. We are working on software solution to easily add support for your coin to your website and with mobile application.

Legal Opinion – this is what lawyer will write for you. After analysis of your business model, if your focus is not trading crypto-currencies, you will get legal opinion stating the fact that your asset is traded on crypto-exchange does not make you financial institution. You only sell your assets to whoever want to buy it, without promise to any revenue or gain in value. The funds raised in such a way, need be reported to authorities and taxed, according to law in your jurisdiction.

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