Bitvier as Asset Supplier

There are many sources of crypto-assets: platforms offering to create tokens, websites with crypto-asset constructors, even several companies who may look like us. But it’s not what you need.

First, “tokens” are not real crypto-assets. They are virtual tokens “per se”. You can’t trade them on exchanges, you can’t be independent with them (if hosting platform goes down – you go down), most of them are based on Ethereum with all limitations it has (and often you don’t need smart contracts), tokens allow you only ICO-way, and we see all the problems with ICO’s all over the World.

Second, crypto-constructors offer you build your own blockchain and may be good solution if you are enthusiast seeking to expand knowledge of how crypto works. You will need learn the topic, dive into details and always look back – am I doing it right? Serious people will not digitalize business using DIY (do-it-yourself) solution.

Next, ordering crypto-asset is investment. You already have established business, or you are well-known person. You are focused on another activity. You just want to expand of what you already doing and do the expansion with peace in mind. Your goal is step into “Blockchain Revolution”, preserving what you have and gaining new income and capitalization. Sure, you can find “someone” who knows what to do. Do you want to put your name and name of your business in hands of “someone”? You need solid partner. This partner must be established in country with state of “law”, as we are - there will be contracts signed with us. Those are not just general contracts – we worked hard to create totally new kind of contracts. We will sign with you 2 contracts: Cryptographic Coin Code Purchase Agreement (CCCPA) and Cryptographic Coin Creation Agreement (CCCA) – our lawyers invented those. We are inventing new industry, come and join us!

Ok, let’s say you ordered crypto-asset from us. What’s next? Read “Bitvier as Asset Customer” next. Yes, we are customers of our own platform. This what makes us unique – we know how it works from both sides – and we do this under very tight regulation, so we can show you how do this right.

Are you still here?