We are Israeli-registered software development company, number 515826659, our address is haMaayan 3 st, Israel 5250400. We develop IT/Software products in field of Blockchain technology. Our jurisdiction is chosen to be Israel as we seek for strong law/democratic institutes and developed high-tech industry. We are supervised by best lawyers/accountants with experience with Blockchain. We seek full transparency and avoid illegal/gray fields (the Blockchain technology is new and still ongoing effort with regulators).
We are located in country with state of law. We are not hiding, you can always find us, we are here to stay for a long time, we take responsibility. Bitvier does not perform any activity with potential to endanger assets we create and maintain: we are not doing ICO, we are not advertising any asset to make people buy it, we don't trade cryptocurrencies, we are not promising addition of assets to exchanges, we are not promising anything related to value of any asset. Our team is compound of specialists in all relevant fields: computer infrastructure pro's with experience of running projects with multi-million audience, top developers with Master degrees, best Blockchain market analysts, and Partners. We have partners with ability to provide everything you need what Bitvier can't/doesn't want to provide (see paragraph 1 to know why we don't do certain things).
The price for creating your own cryptoasset is defined according to market demand and supply and also by efforts we invest into technology development. Running company in solid western country, with full law compliance and transparent accounting costs money. On other hand, you can be sure we will not disappear, or conduct some activity which will put in danger your asset. Our competitors may propose you lower prices, but this comes with higher risk. Creating your own cryptoasset is only first step in path to make successful business model, and your expenses will be higher later on, so if our price seems to you total over your budget, you should consider again if you ready to step into this adventure. Regarding monthly payment for support, this goes to providers we need pay to, to allow your cryptoasset continue to run.
Yes, our cryptoassets are forked from Bitcoin. That means the technology is relatively mature and trusted by most of actors. But Bitcoin model is not perfect (there are lots of "miners" using lot of energy to verify transactions, this is bad for environment and bad for decentralization - PoW model). We perform research and tests on existing and emerging technologies and choose to adopt only those we believe preserve best from Bitcoin and eliminate drawbacks it has. Proof of Stake (PoS) is modification of consensus mehanizm used in Bitcoin (consensus needed to verify transactions in blockchain network). While in Bitcoin, "miners" are needed to verify transactions by using huge CPU power, in PoS modification of Bitcoin - regular users are participating in consensus, eliminating need to waste energy and CPU power. Please read more here: https://blockgeeks.com/guides/proof-of-work-vs-proof-of-stake/ and here: https://kryptomoney.com/what-is-proof-of-stake-pos/
The dns/seed nodes are usual wallets running with special parameters. Nobody is protected against hacking attempts. We are doing our best to implement security measures to protect our infrastructure. Wallet code is forked from Bitcoin, there were no known hacks of Bitcoin wallets until now.
Our cryptoassets are developed in such a way, that adding them to cryptoexchange should pose no problem. We use mature technology so cryptoexchanges "like" our cryptoassets and you will have no problem to find such exchange which will agree to add your asset. We can't promise you to add your cryptoasset to exchange because regulatory limitations. You can contact our partners and discuss this issue with them.
You can use any PC to download wallet, send cryptoassets to this wallet and after approximately 1 hour (stacking period), your cryptoassets will start mining.
Approximately 10 wallets and even more, can run in parallel and mine successfully on average laptop.
You can, but we suggest not do so. Generally speaking, if you power off PC which has wallet with cryptoassets inside, when you power on it after some time, good chances are you still will get mined cryptoassets, but, high are chances that this transaction can be not accepted by network, and additionally, you will not get fee that is added to working wallets when they verify transactions in network. We recommend keep wallet running and unlocked to mine without problems.
The calculation is based on amount of cryptoassets you have in your wallet and how much time you keep them intact in your wallet. To maximize the amount of mined reward, keep more cryptoassets in wallet for longer time.
Yes, if everyone will close their wallets and stop using your cryptoasset, the network will stop. This why it is very important to make your asset popular and used by as much people as possible. We understand that during first time when your cryptoasset is relatively new and not known to public, its hard to achieve high amount of users in network. For this we developed tools to help you and your cryptoasset to stay alive even from every beginning. If you will be quick with advertising and promoting your cryptoasset, you will not see any problem with your blockchain network.
When your asset is being created, you need provide several parameters and they will be hard-coded into your asset source code. Next asset will be compiled and created. After initial creation there is no way to change initial parameters you provided. This is the beauty of the cryptoasset - what was set once, stays forever. You need choose carefully what parameters you define. TOTAL CAP - is maximum amount of your cryptoasset which will be ever mined. This includes PREMINE - the initial amount of cryptoassets you get in hand right after your asset is created. ANNUAL REWARD - is the interest the holders of your asset will get while "mining" your asset in their wallets. You can look over existing assets on our platform and find that they all have different parameters. Those depend on kind of business/project which will be backed by asset. For example: if you have training center and create your asset, probably you will choose to define total cap of 1 000 000 and premine of 10%(100 000) with annual interest of 70%. On the other hand, if you have computer game, you will probably define total cap of 30 000 000 000 and premine of 50% (15 000 000 000) with interest rate of 5%. Please advise our partners for appropriate marketing strategy. Those parameters will be derived from this strategy.
We can split your payment to several transactions if you wish. We will hold relative amount of cryptoassets until you complete all transactions.
Currently we have 2 plans: basic and standard. With basic plan you can start by creating your cryptoasset. You will not be able to release the asset for your usage out of our platform. If you want send your cryptoasset to your wallet and make further usage of it (mining, share with friends and customers, trade on exchange, integrate into your business) - you will need buy standard plan. The price for standard plan varies and depends on total cryptomarket trade volume.

Basic plan costs 249$ monthly and has following services:
  • Creation of cryptoasset based on PoS X13 technology (no special mining equipment needed).
  • Windows installer
  • Mac OS installer
  • Linux installer
  • Debian Linux package
  • Executable for: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Linux Daemon
  • Blockchain explorer
  • 3 DNS Seed nodes
  • Bitcointalk forum thread
  • Home page on portal Bitvier.com with all existing and future widgets
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